International Recognition of NIS Contribution to the Improvement of Occupational Health and Safety

October 18, 2011

NIS has been awarded the international certificate SRPS OHSAS 18001:2008 regarding the occupational health an safety management system in the area of exploration and production of crude oil and gas, as acknowledgement that such activities ara implemented in the safe manner in the company.

Considering that prevention, proactive measures and the highest level of mitigation of the risk upon health and safety of people, equipment and assets represent a long-term orientation of NIS, this international certificate is only an additional proof of the constant improvement of company’s responsibility towards employees, local community and the country in general.

High management standards of NIS in the area of exploration and production, being acknowledged by this international certificate, represent a basis for further effiicient implementation of business goals, as well as the fulfillment of legal obligations and requirements of all shareholders.

The audit of the activities related to the improvement of health and safety in the area of exploration and production in NIS was performed by the certification house – YUQS – Association for Certification and Supervision d.o.o. from Belgrade, which is a partner and member of IQNet-a (The International Certification Network). During the certification of SRPS OHSAS 180001:2008 the audits of the quality management system have been confirmed in accordance with the standard SRPS ISO 9001:2008 and of the environonment management system in accordance with the standard SRPS ISO 14001:2005.