Corporate governance

NIS is dedicated to the application of high standards of Corporate Governance based on internationally recognized standards and best practices.

Aware of the importance of efficient and responsible corporate governance, NIS is dedicated to the application of high standards in this area based on internationally accepted principles and experiences of best practice, and to the continuous development and upgrading of the corporate governance system.

Corporate governance needs to ensure:

  • efficient implementation and protection of the shareholders’ rights and the company’s interests;
  • fair and equal treatment of the shareholders;
  • responsibility of the company bodies to the shareholders;
  • transparency in the work and decision-making processes of the management;
  • professionalism and ethical conduct of the management;
  • timely, complete and accurate reporting and disclosure of all important information;
  • efficient control over the company’s financial and business activities in order to protect the rights and legitimate interests of the shareholders;
  • development of business ethics and socially responsible operation.

Our strategic corporate objectives are:

  • professional and responsible management;
  • efficiency of the management bodies which act in the best interest of the company and its shareholders in order to increase the company’s assets and value, and
  • a high level of transparency in the company’s operation, making it accessible to the public.

Company Management System

The company has established a one-tier management system, with the Board of Directors exercising the central role in the company’s management and being responsible for the realization of set goals and the achievement of results, with shareholders primarily exercising their rights and control through the Shareholders’ Assembly. The Articles of Association clearly differentiate between the competence and responsibilities of the Shareholders’ Assembly, Board of Directors, CEO and corporate bodies established by the company management bodies.

Company Bodies

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