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The NIS Group is one of the largest vertically integrated energy systems in Southeast Europe. NIS’ core activities include exploration, production and refining of crude oil and natural gas, sale and distribution of a wide range of petroleum and gas products and the implementation of energy- and petrochemistry projects.

The headquarters and main assets of the NIS Group are located in the Republic of Serbia, but the Group also has subsidiaries and representative offices in several other countries, primarily in the neighbouring countries. The most valuable asset of the NIS Group is a team of almost 12,000 employees.

NIS aims to create new value for its shareholders, employees and the community in which it operates, despite the challenging macroeconomic environment.

In addition to its business activities, NIS also runs a number of socially responsible projects aimed at improving the life of the community in which the company operates. NIS’ efforts in this area are especially focused on young people, who are the bearers of future development.

The NIS Group is committed to improving environmental protection and allocates significant funds for the implementation of environmental projects and projects that contribute to environmental protection. In terms of occupational safety, the objective of NIS is work processes without injuries and harmful effects on the environment.

Business activities of the NIS Group are organized within the parent company NIS j.s.c. Novi Sad, into the Exploration and Production Block1 and Downstream2 , which are supported by the nine Functions in the parent company and the MSSC:

  • Finance, Economics, Planning and Accounting Function;
  • Strategy and Investments Function;
  • Procurement Function;
  • Organizational Affairs Function;
  • HSE Function;
  • Legal and Corporate Affairs Function;
  • Corporate Security Function;
  • Government Relations and Corporate Communications Function;
  • Internal Audit and Risk Management Function and
  • MSSC.

One of the Deputy CEO’s is in charge of petrochemicals operations.

Exploration and Production Block

Exploration and Production

NIS is the only company in Serbia engaged in oil and gas exploration and production. NIS performs the activities of operational support to production, management of oil and gas reserves, management of oil and gas reservoir engineering, and implementation of large-scale projects in the field of exploration and production.

The majority of oil and gas fields owned by NIS are located in Serbia. The company is also involved in exploration works in Romania and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The oldest concession abroad is in Angola, where NIS has been operating since 1985.

The plant for the preparation of natural gas, production of LPG and gasoline, and CO2 stripping, based in Elemir, near Zrenjanin operates as part of the Exploration and Production Block. An amine unit for processing of natural gas using the high pressure acidgas capture technology is also located in Elemir. This method of gas processing completely prevents carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere and, in addition to the business effects, creates significant environmental benefits.

NIS also has a modern training center in Elemir dedicated to, training workers in the oil industry. It is a unique complex equipped with modern equipment in which the training is performed in real conditions, with the possibility of simulating all the tasks that oil workers encounter in the process of production, preparation and shipment of oil and gas.

As for the exploration and production, the scientific and technological support of the NIS Group is provided by the subsidiary Scientific and Technological Center (NTC) NIS ‒ Naftagas LLC Novi Sad.


NIS has its own service capacities, which fully meet the needs of the Group and provide services to third parties. The Services provide services in the field of exploration and production of oil and gas through geophysical well testing, construction, completion and workover, as well as through conducting special operations and measurements in wells. As part of their portfolio, the Services also provide maintenance of equipment, construction and maintenance of oil and gas systems and facilities. In this business segment, the goal is to strengthen its presence in the international market. For this reason, the priority is to modernize the equipment, ensure the best possible quality of services provided, increase the technical and technological efficiency, and improve work efficiency in NIS and other companies.


The Downstream business consists of the Refining Block, Sales and Distribution Block and the Energy Block.


Pančevo Oil Refinery is one of the most modern and environmentally most developed processing plants in the region, with a maximum designed capacity of 4.8 million tonnes per year. Since 2009, more than EUR 800 million have been invested in the modernization of the Refinery, with significant funds allocated for environmental protection projects. The Pančevo Oil Refinery produces: motor fuel in accordance with Euro-5 standard, aviation fuel, liquid petroleum gas, petroleum coke, fuel oil, bitumen, propylene, aromatics, primary pyrolysis gasoline and other petroleum products (sulphur, other hydrocarbons).

In 2020, a Bottom of the barrel unit with delayed coking technology was officially commissioned. The project worth EUR 300 mln enables NIS to increase the output of the most valuable fuels ‒ diesel, gasoline and liquified petroleum gas and to start the domestic production of petroleum coke. During 2022, NIS carried out the third phase of the refinery modernization, its capital project being the reconstruction of the FCC (Fluid Catalytic Cracking) plant and the construction of a new plant for the production of ETBE (high-octane petroleum blending component).

In 2022, the priority of the Refining Block was the continuous production of petroleum products in order to firmly contribute to the orderly supply of the market in challenging circumstances. As a result, a monthly production record was achieved in May – 416 thousand tonnes, that is, during the whole year 4,421 thousand tonnes of crude oil and semi-finished products were processed in Pančevo Oil Refinery, which is the best monthly result since 2009.

Another priority of the Refining Block also involves projects aimed at improving environmental protection, which is why Pančevo Oil Refinery is the first energy plant in the Republic of Serbia to have received the IPPC permit on integrated pollution prevention and control from the competent state authorities. In addition, numerous projects of digitalization and improvement of energy efficiency are being implemented in the Refinery.

Sales and Distribution

NIS operates a network of more than 400 petrol stations in Serbia and the countries of the region, with more than 90 of them outside of Serbia. NIS operates the largest retail network in the country, while simultaneously developing its operations in the neighbouring countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Romania.

NIS is present in the market under two retail brands: NIS Petrol and GAZPROM, with the latter being a premium brand in this segment. The petrol stations of the NIS Group are synonymous with the quality of fuel and non-fuel portfolio, as well as with modern services that meet the consumers’ demands. NIS continually invests in the development of its retail network and in improving the quality of its goods and services. One of the priorities includes digital projects that provide consumers with services in line with modern trends, such as fuel payments without going to the payment point, digitalization of loyalty programs, etc.

In addition to the retail sale of finished petroleum products, liquefied petroleum gas and a range of related products, the sales structure of NIS also includes the export and domestic wholesale deliveries of crude oil, gas and petroleum products, while the apply of aviation fuel, fuel for navigable vessels, and sales of lubricants and bitumen are developed as separate business directions.

All types of fuel undergo strict and regular laboratory control and meet the highest domestic and international standards.


This business segment includes the production of electricity and thermal energy from conventional and renewable energy sources, centralized management of the natural gas portfolio for the entire NIS (production and sale of compressed natural gas, sale of natural gas), electricity trade, development and introduction of strategically important energy projects, as well as development and implementation of projects to increase energy efficiency.

In the third quarter of 2022, NIS set up the Energy Block whose task, among other things, is to accelerate the company’s energy transition. The main focus of the Energy Block is expanding the scope of work in the field of electricity production and trade, managing the Company’s energy resources, including TE-TO Pančevo, as well as improving energy efficiency and reliability within the NIS Group.

The construction of the modern combined gas-steam thermal power plant-heating plant Pančevo (TE-TO Pančevo) on natural gas was realized in cooperation with the company Gazprom Energoholding. The produced electricity is delivered to the transmission power system of Serbia, which contributes to the energy stability of the Republic of Serbia. The main advantage of TE-TO Pančevo is that natural gas as a fuel simultaneously produces thermal energy in the form of process steam for the needs of the Pančevo Refinery and electricity that is placed in the power system of Serbia.

Since 2013, in oil and gas fields at eight locations in Serbia, NIS has put into operation mini power plants with an installed electrical power of 14.5 MWe. The environmental advantage of these plants is in the production of electricity and thermal energy from gas that was previously not used due to poor quality, large amounts of carbon dioxide and nitrogen, or could not be valorized due to the lack of gas infrastructure. The heat and electricity produced are used for the needs of NIS, but the electricity is also sold on the market. Electricity is also produced at the Jimbolia gas field in Romania, where electricity is sold on the local market.

In 2022, as part of a pilot project, NIS built solar photovoltaic power plants with the total capacity of 290 kWp at eight of its petrol stations. The electricity with cover the stations’ own consumption and the excess will be placed in the distribution network.


The corporate “Strategy 2025” was adopted in 2017, which is to ensure further growth and profitable business for the shareholders, employees and the wider community. The main strategic goals of NIS are:

  • To preserve production and resource base growth indicators,
  • To increase the depth and efficiency of refining,
  • To boost the sales of petroleum products through own sales channels and modernise the retail network,
  • To diversify the business by building new electricity generation capacities,
  • To optimise operating performance.

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1. Exploration and Production and subsidiaries – NTC NIS – Naftagas LLC Novi Sad, Naftagas–Oil Services LLC Novi Sad, and Naftagas – Transport LLC Novi Sad.
2. Refining Block, Sales and Distribution Block, Energy Block and subsidiaries Naftagas–Technical Services LLC Zrenjanin
3. Consolidated for NIS Group
4. Without internal sales