Policy in the field of fight against corruption and fraud

The Company has adopted the Corruption and Fraud Prevention Policy in order to prevent and ban involvement in any type of corrupt behavior or fraudulent activities.

The Policy provides for the conditions for timely identification, prevention and minimization of the risk of illicit, unethical and corrupt behavior, based on the adopted unified standard of conduct, values, principles of legal business activity, and the main rules for the combat of corruption and fraud.

The Policy stipulates, upon occurrence of a justified suspicion of performance or preparation of corrupt or fraudulent activities, or upon their identification, the obligation of all personnel to deliver appropriate information via the pre-defined and protected communication channels, with a guarantee of confidentiality. The policy defines the measures to protect those who deliver such information and the method of its application, while ensuring that the position of a person who reports corrupt or fraudulent activities as described above, is not jeopardized in any way on these grounds.