First NIS Petrol Station in the Republic of Srpska (BiH)

July 27, 2011

NIS became the owner of the first retail facility in the Republic of Srpska (BiH), the petrol station “Тrn-2“, which is situated at the exit from Banja Luka, on the motorway towards Gradiska.

In the following period there are plans to reconstruct and modernize this facility. The Strategy of NIS foresees the development of the company in the region. In entering international markets NIS is oriented primarily to the countries in the region, such as BiH, for which it has been estimated that there are highest sinergies and market potential.

In addition to retail assets in the Republic of Srpska (BiH), a the beginning of this year by founding a joint venture company „Jadran Naftagas, with the Russian company „НефтегазИнКор“ NIS started business operations in the area of hydrocarbon exploration and production.