НИС и город Панчево подписали протокол о намерении создать свободную зону Панчево

3 мая, 2012

On 25 April 2012, NIS CEO, Kirill Kravchenko, and the mayoress of Pančevo, Vesna Martinović, signed the Memorandum of Intent to Establish the Pančevo Free Zone.

Based on previous good business cooperation, the goal of the Memorandum is to enable development of the local community and Republic of Serbia. Owing to this, free zone in the city of Pančevo will contribute to attracting investors, creating new jobs, transfer of new technologies and improving production of goods and service rendering.

Free Zone, situated in the South industrial part of Pančevo, would be founded by City of Pančevo, NIS and Petrohemija.

In the coming period Memorandum signees shall define a detailed plan and project schedule as per Law on Free Zones.


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